Yes, it is true. You, right now, are poluting the planet.

According to a New Scientist article someone gave to me: “creation , packaging, storage and movement of just 10 megabytes of data – from the making of the hardware to the running of the system that delivers it to you – requires the energy equivalent of burning 900 grams of coal“. And furthermore they say that computers use 10% of electricity generated in the US.

Of course if you are reading this your hardware has already been created, but there are still the transfer costs, the server running costs and the electricity you are using for your PC – so you, right now, are harming our planet! 👿

Global warming map

Picture credit: Wikipedia

If anyone is interested, the article is “The waste at the heart of the web” which is in the 16th of December New Scientist issue. Here is a link to an incomplete version of it on their website