Usually I am not too affected by inspirational stories, and they seem to be repeated so many times that they lose all meaning. But this one has been stuck in my head for the past few days. Perhaps because it closely relates to a couple of things that have been happened to me over the past few months. Basically the story goes something like this:

Three snails decided to climb to the top of a flagpole. Once they were about half way up a crowd gathered underneath them screaming: “What are you doing! Come back down! You’ll fall!” So one snail heard their yells and realised that they were probably right, it slipped and fell to its death. The crowd started yelling louder and the second snail also fell and died. But the last snail kept climbing and despite the hysteric screams beneath it, it made it to the top. It later turned out the snail was deaf.

In short: aim for your goal and ignore the naysayers

Thinking back on all the things that I gave up on attempting just because of what others had said to me actually makes me panic a little. And yet there are also many wonderful things that I did accomplish while going against almost everyone around me screaming “you will fail, this is a mistake” at me.

Of course this is not entirely universal, I think a lot of the time that people would tell you things like these because they want to protect you – from being let down, from losing your time, from doing something you may regret. But it seems that humans often end up relying too much on others.