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Oh my, I have recently checked my Wordpress blog statistics and… Umm… Quite a lot of people who came here were searching for things like “12yo girls” or “12yo illegal”, which lead them to my post on RIAA suing a 12yo girl. Umm… Don’t know what to say really… I had no idea that so many people went on the internet searching for “12yo girls”, well knowing that what they want is “illegal” (popular word to include in the search engine terms).

I’m just going to tag this post with “illegal” and “girls” as I did with the other post (I will remove the “girls” tag from that old post I think) just in the hope that at least one of these people may realise that what they are doing is not at all going unnoticed.


Joshua Bell, who is one of America’s top classical musicians – with people paying him $US100+ to see him perform, went to a Washington Metro station with his priceless Stradivarius violin and… busked! Most people did not take notice, a couple dropped him some pennies as they would to a young talented kid, or a beggar, only a couple stopped to listen.

Joshua Bell

I often walk by buskers and think: “hey, (s)he’s good! I bet (s)he could sell ablums!” – well, I think this guy has showed that perhaps some of them could!

Full story with videos at Washington Post

No need to go as far back as a week or a month, in the past 2 days alone I have had the following problems 😡

  • a power surge partially frying my computer (I had a surge protector – it did nothing!)
  • got a new monitor which did not fully work with my Linux (I primarily use Windows XP, but sometimes boot into Linux) – a long painful manual setup followed
  • the state of the university computers is “bloody useless”, and the technicians are either non-existent or just too damn lazy to respond to emails or fix anything. I have had to redo hours of work due to software/hardware/god-knows-what failures!
  • Even my cellphone is crashing on me and refusing to send text messages!

And these are all just mild typical problems that occur regularly. No hard disk failure or anything. I hate computers. I truly do… I dream of doing this:
Hammer computer

A pity that I’m working on a postgraduate degree in comptuer science… 😥

I have stumbled upon quite a… bizare … site. An American student (?) puts himself live on the internet 24-7. Quote “even in the bathroom” :-o. You can find it at

This reminds me of the Truman Show – where Jim Carrey unwittingly lives inside a fake world created around him just so that he could be filmed and broadcast live to millions of TV viewers.

Truman Show

Well… not quite, this guy knows about it and carries the camera itself. I have no idea how, or why, anyone would do this and why people would flock to see him… live his ordinary-Joe life!!!

Honestly I think this won’t last very long. How long can someone carry on being filmed for so long without having some sort of a break down? If not him personally, I can’t understand how the people around him would cope even just talking to him knowing that there are 30 or so strangers watching and listening to them at the same time! I certainly would not be too comfortable talking to someone like that for too long.

Justin will wear the camera until the day he dies. By which we mean if he takes it off, we’ll kill him.

Well… good luck Justin… I guess 😯