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A few things that I’ve been thinking about is – is blogging going to stay relevant for long? I mean internet access has been becoming cheaper and faster across the developed world which makes things like video blogging (such as on YouTube) and podcasting more readily available. Yet those are still lagging far behind and text blogging is much more predominant. My own reason for text blogging is that I can write what I want at a slower pace, having more time to think and re-edit everything, which is something you don’t get with video or voice blogging – you have to just… talk. I talk to people every day, with perfect quality video and audio that the internet cannot achieve, and there is no point for me to do so on the internet ūüėÄ

So yes, I haven’t blogged in a loooong while. In fact this blog has been sort of abandoned – I think I will get back into blogging and change that ūüėÄ I’ve had a more active blog a few months before this one, but I closed it down due to some privacy concerns (which are no longer relevant, but oh well). There I was writing more on my own life with the hope of keeping up with some friends. But it turns out that most of them are technologically retarded (as I call it ūüėČ ) and do not understand words such as “RSS”. ¬†One friend who even had his own blog¬†was¬†shocked¬†in¬†horror¬†when¬†the¬†day¬†after¬†he¬†made¬†a¬†post¬†I¬†mentioned¬†it¬†to¬†him¬†in¬†person¬†–¬†he¬†could¬†not¬†understand¬†how¬†after¬†weeks¬†of¬†inactivity¬†I¬†could¬†know¬†about¬†him¬†making¬†a¬†blog¬†post.¬†¬†So¬†even¬†my friends who are bloggers¬†don’t¬†know¬†about¬†the¬†wonders¬†of¬†RSS!!!¬†¬†The¬†horror!

But¬†blogging¬†is¬†a¬†very¬†strange¬†phenomenon.¬†¬†While I¬†was¬†writing¬†blogs¬†for the limited target¬†audience that was not reading them, I was getting hundreds of hits per blog from total strangers!!! That’s amazing and I don’t quite understand why.

Anyway, so I’ve given up on picking an audience and I will just rant about what I feel like :mrgreen: