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No need to go as far back as a week or a month, in the past 2 days alone I have had the following problems ­čśí

  • a power surge partially frying my computer (I had a surge protector – it did nothing!)
  • got a new monitor which did not fully work with my Linux (I primarily use Windows XP, but sometimes boot into Linux) – a long painful manual setup followed
  • the state of the university computers is “bloody useless”, and the technicians are either non-existent or just too damn lazy to respond to emails or fix anything. I have had to redo hours of work due to software/hardware/god-knows-what failures!
  • Even my cellphone is crashing on me and refusing to send text messages!

And these are all just mild typical problems that occur regularly. No hard disk failure or anything. I hate computers. I truly do… I dream of doing this:
Hammer computer

A pity that I’m working on a postgraduate degree in comptuer science… ­čśą