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I am struggling to understand why our media here in New Zealand has to be so heavily American-centric.  We are fed the minor details of the build up to their presidential races, some astronaut woman attempting murder (or something like that), a car plowing through a petrol station, and other minor nonsense like that happening in USA.

Virginia Tech is understandably a very big and tragic story 😦 There was a New Zealander at the university (survived) and it does make sense to cover stories like these in detail. However even for such a story the time allocated is just ridiculous. Day after day after day it dominates everything. On the radio, on TV, in the papers. Every minute detail. At the same the largest bomb blast in Iraq since the invasion kills almost 200 people, it barely gets a 1 minute coverage on the evening news. Is it that we are coming to believe that American lives are for some reason more important and are more newsworthy?

I understand USA is a strong influence on the world in both the economic and (unfortunately) the military sense. But enough is enough! This is just not fair. Why do we get nothing from Europe at the very least ❓


I have spotted something interesting happening on YouTube – there is a sort of an activist movement to get out of Iraq, and 5 days on it is becoming quite big in the world of YouTube.  It was started by a single video blog requesting viewers to post video responses saying “get out of Iraq”.  And so they did, currently there are 168 video responses to the original video, almost all supporting his message, and if you watch some of the responses there are responses to responses also  (not to mention the tens of thousands of supporting text comments).  And a lot of these videos are getting quite a lot of views (16,735 on the original post at the time of writing) 😯

I personally don’t agree with a withdrawal from Iraq at this stage – as wrong as the initial invasion was, leaving it now could just plunge the country into civil war. If you make a mess you better at least try cleaning it up, though they have not done a good job so far 😦 it looks to me like withdrawal will only make things worse. But nonetheless, this is quite interesting – in just 5 days, by doing nothing more but posting one short 3 minute video of himself talking, this 26yo Briton has reached tens of thousands of viewers, and has attracted over a hundred of supporters to post a video with the same message as him! This could not have been done so easily, and in so little time, with a traditional march-down-the-streets-with-billboards-saying-Get-out-of-Iraq sort of protest.

Here is one of the videos below:

In general, I think that as internet becomes faster, cheaper, and more widely available, more and more people would turn to video blogging rather than text (what I am doing now…) Rather than the more detached and impersonal text you can see people live delivering their message, with a live face to the message, with a voice, accent and emotion. This is already catching on at sites like YouTube.